The ASTI Docg consortium


Memorable moments spring from special grapes, a magical place
and a unique aroma.

The fruit of our desire to be together and to enjoy every second.


ASTI Dolce, ASTI Secco, MOSCATO d’ASTI Docg: emotions start here.


word about…

a legacy

to safeguard

Born in 1932, the Consortium for the Promotion of Asti has a clear mission: to perform all the necessary actions to protect, promote and enhance the value of Asti and Moscato d’Asti, in Italy and the world. These two points of excellence are positioned at the top of the “sweet” quality sparkling wines category and bring with them an immense back story of  culture, memories, traditions, know-how and family histories, of people who have devoted their entire lives and spared no effort in the tending of their vineyards.


Asti and Moscato d’Asti docg are symbolic of a strong, tenacious and determined Italy, insistent in its ambition to promote a land and its valuable resources and informing consumers all over the world of the full value of their purchase.


Today, the Consortium’s members include 170+ wineries, spumante-makers, cooperatives and winemakers, in addition to 1,800 grape growers.

To carry out technical assistance, draw up research proposals and economic assessments aimed at enhancing the value of the Designation.

To protect and safeguard the Designation from improper use, unfair competition and counterfeiting.

To carry out, on behalf of all those who are subject to the Designation-related checks, the functions of protection, promotion and valorization, as well as informing consumers and generally looking after the interests of the Designation.

Adopt policies regulating supply in order to contribute to improved coordination of the Designation’s distribution on the market, through consultations with sector representatives.

To define plans for improving the quality of the product.

To appear before judicial and administrative authorities, in Italy and abroad, in order to safeguard and protect the Designation and defend the interests and rights of the producers.

To carry out surveillance actions, mainly in the distribution stage.

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a credo

of quality

In order to preserve this cultural and historical legacy, the Consortium must act on several fronts. Its principal activities include promotion (in Italy and the world) and the improvement of the production measures for Moscato d’Asti docg and Asti docg. In essence, a “credo of quality”, based on some fundamental principles that have always been applied to the key stages of winemaking: from the cultivation of  Moscato d’Asti grapes to the making of the wines, bottling and distribution of the products of this extraordinary aromatic varietal.


The Consortium also encourages the spread of the varietal to the areas suitable for its cultivation and the improvement of the related enological practices. It conducts studies in the enological and vinicultural sectors and monitors the improper use of the brand, through accurate and tested programs of controls and registration.

Thanks to the Consortium, consumers can count on a key advanced system of protection. Traceability makes it possible to track the movements of every bottle of wine from the harvest to the retail shelf.

All these activities exemplify the passion and dedication that go into these two products, characteristic of a part of Italy that still believes in the goodness of its earth and its fruits, and our unique ability to make them extraordinary.

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under control

When the D.O.C.G or the D.O.C. designation is requested by a producer for a batch of wine, the Consortium conducts controls that cover the entire wine production chain: the characteristics of the vineyards, the production area, the cultivation techniques and winemaking process, all the way to bottling, promotion and consumption characteristics.
Our laboratory, highly innovative and up to date, performs analyses to verify that batches of wine meet the requirements for the designation status.
The laboratory is authorized to issue analytical certificates in the winemaking sector, which have official status for the purpose of export. It also provides certification services for the exporting of wines to EU and non-EU countries.