Every bottle tells a story.

The traceability feature is an innovative service provided by the Consortium for consumers, who will be able to go online and trace the entire life cycle of the bottle they have purchased in real time. An additional guarantee, exemplifying the high level of quality ensured by the Consortium.

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To discover the story of the wine you have chosen, just follow these simple steps:


Select the product: ASTI Dolce Docg, ASTI Secco Docg or Moscato d’ASTI Docg.

Select the size of the bottle in SELEZIONA BOTTIGLIA.

Insert the series number in NUMERO DI SERIE: the first three letters on the seal or neckband.

Insert the bottle number: the eight digits following the series number in NUMERO CONTRASSEGNO.

Start the search.


Discover your bottle’s route  to the shelf.

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Bottiglia not trovata

Siamo spiacenti, ma la bottiglia da lei cercata non è presente nel nostro database