Asti Docg



Asti, the deliciously sweet sparkling wine par excellence, is the pride of Italy’s viticulture and oenology. A wine that, on top of the features that make it unique in the world, also displays the heart, intelligence, creativity and hope of those who farm this land every day.

A flavour and a balanced and natural amiability that, combined with a moderate alcohol content, make it unique. Its bouquet is rich and intense, with notes of acacia, wisteria and orange blossoms and honey from the hills and a spicy finish of elderberry, yarrow and bergamot flowers.

A sublime balance between the sweet sensation and the fresh taste that, together with the moderate alcohol content, is enhanced by the bubbles, a fine and persistent perlage that brightens up the wine, making it pleasant and highly drinkable. A truly joyful wine.

It took many years to reach the level of perfection of this wine. Years of tradition, history, ingenious entrepreneurship, dedication and ongoing research. A heritage of more than just taste, that the Consortium is committed to safeguarding in every possible way.


Asti docg is made from Moscato bianco grapes. The qualities of this variety of grapevine are enhanced by the climate and the geological features of the region of production: calcareous soil and a microclimate typical of hilly areas. The precious flavours released by the Moscato bianco vine in the weeks prior to the harvest reach their peak towards the beginning of September. In fact it is in that period that the bunches are picked -even nowadays- by hand to preserve their intactness and transfer their patrimony of flavours to the wine.



Production technique, oenological know-how and the quality of the grapes are the three key factors behind Asti docg. The present-day production process of Asti docg is a combination of the Piedmont’s Spumante oenological traditions and up-to-date studies.



After they have been harvested, Moscato bianco grapes are immediately sent to the wine press and transformed into must. The grapes are pressed gently and the must obtained is cooled down to prevent the onset of unwanted fermentation. Thanks to the latest technologies, the producers ensure that the full qualitative potential of the grapes is released.



The ensuing phases of the process of making Asti docg envision the fermentation of the musts stored. The cold must is brought to temperatures nearing 20° C, and alcoholic fermentation is triggered using selected yeasts. When the ABV reaches values close to 5.5% the re-fermentation stage begins.



Once fermentation is interrupted by cooling and after a series of ageing operations, bottling begins, in conditions of absolute microbiological sterility. In this way Asti docg retains all the features of the Moscato bianco grapes with the addition of the ebullience and liveliness of sweet sparkling wine.



Docg recognition: 1993

Grape variety: Moscato bianco

Maximum yield: 10 tons of grapes per hectare

Colour: from pale yellow to almost golden

Bead: fine, persistent

Bouquet: fragrant, floral, with notes of linden and acacia

Taste: delicately sweet, flavoursome, balanced


Clarity: brilliant

Maximum alcohol content: 12°, with minimum 7% by vol