Moscato d’Asti Docg



Moscato d’Asti docg is the most famous Moscato of our country and one of the most representative products of the Piedmontese winemaking sector. Like Asti docg, it boasts a typical Italian story, composed of impeccable operations, respect for tradition and ongoing improvement. To know Moscato d’Asti in all its nuances means to never leave it and to make it a companion for very special moments, and not only that. For farmers working in the fields, it was the chosen beverage to accompany a savoury snack.

Sweet but never overly so, it has an inimitable flavour, a delicate and intense taste that recalls wisteria and linden, peach and apricot, and an aroma of sage, lemon and orange blossoms. A genuinely traditional wine that, over time, has reached outstanding qualitative levels, thanks also to modern technology. In particular with respect to the cold chain production process, which preserves the flavour and the taste of the bunches of grapes while stabilising the product to allow its storage and transport.

Moscato d’Asti has an intense flavour component in harmony with the sugary aspect and a low alcohol content that makes it unique. From a production standpoint it differs from Asti docg especially in its fermentation, which is interrupted once ca. 5% ABV is reached. Furthermore, although Moscato d’Asti is not a Spumante, its effervescence makes it unmistakable.

Moscato d’Asti docg is subject to the same controls envisioned for Asti Spumante. Furthermore, with the docg designation the Consortium has set up a dedicated internal board, the Consiglio del Moscato d’Asti, to protect the product from imitations and to enhance its quality and image.



Docg recognition: 1993

Grape variety: Moscato Bianco

Maximum yield: 10 tons of grapes per hectare

Colour: pale yellow

Bead: fine, persistent

Bouquet: fragrant, floral, with a scent of sage

Taste: delicately sweet, fragrant, distinctive

Clarity: brilliant

Maximum alcohol content: 11°, with minimum 4.5% by vol