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Today, The Desire For Conviviality, To Share Special Moments And Also To Bet The Most Out Of Every Minute Deserves A Special Stage, Envied By The Entire World. It Deserves Modern Colors That Can Convey An Ancient Flavor And Expertise. It Calls For The Natural Light Of The Stage. Of A Catwalk Traversing Enchanting Locations. Natural Flashes That Create New Trends. A Fashion That Springs From New Contexts, New Opportunities For Exchange. A Must Have For All Those Whose Modernity Doesn’t Prevent Them From Appreciating The Exclusive Taste Of Tradition. For All Those Who Know How To Become The New Point Of Reference. For All Those Who Want To Enjoy The Most Exclusive Aroma And Flavor Of Every Single Moment.

Welcome to Rural Glam, the new way to enjoy life.

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