Chef: Roberto e Walter Ferretto – Pigeon breast all’Asti Spumante


4 pigeon breasts
100 g of carrot-celery-onion
1 garlic clove
4 rosemary sprigs
8 thyme sprigs
10 g olive oil
400 ml Asti spumante
50 g butter
salt and pepper

Brown the breasts, pre-salted and peppered, in hot oil on both sides for 5 minutes then put aside. Keep warm. Add the garlic clove to the cooking oil, then the vegetables and the herbs, and sauté the lot for 10 minutes until browned. Remove the excess fat and add the Asti spumante, reducing by half. Strain, adjust salt and pepper to taste and add cold butter. Keep warm and slice the pigeon breasts, spooning the sauce over them and garnishing with triangles of vegetables and polenta.

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