ASTI Secco

New ASTI Secco Docg

Docg status since: 1993

Grape variety: Moscato Bianco

Max. yield: 10 tons per hectare

Colour: from straw to pale golden yellow

Foam: fine and persistent

Nose: fragrant, floral with hints of linden and acacia

Flavour: delicately sweet, aromatic, well-balanced

Clarity: brilliant

Minimum potential alcohol content: 11,5%. minimum actual alcohol content: approx. 11% by vol


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New ASTI Secco Docg

Made from Moscato bianco, ASTI Secco Docg is the outcome of a research project, in which affirmed professionals explored advanced techniques to exalt the qualities of this unique varietal.
The spumante-making technique, perfected in part by the Consortium’s research laboratory, involves specially designed conditions of contact with selected yeasts, resulting in a balanced and harmonious gustatory and olfactory profile. The final product is unique and surprising. With its particularly fine and persistent foam, Asti Secco freshens the palate and perfectly accompanies the entire meal. Its bouquet features delicate floral (acacia, lavender, sage) and fruited (apple, pear, banana) notes.

Excellent as an aperitif, Asti Secco is also a fine accompaniment for cold cuts, fresh cheeses, white meats, fish, crustaceans and first courses like risotto.