ASTI Dolce

A unique grape and a special flavor

Docg status since: 1993

Grape variety: Moscato Bianco

Max. yield: 10 tons per hectare

Colour: from straw to pale golden yellow

Foam: fine and persistent

Nose: fragrant, floral with hints of linden and acaciaFlavour: delicately sweet, aromatic, well-balanced

Clarity: brilliant

Minimum potential alcohol content: 11,5%. minimum actual alcohol content: approx.7% by vol


word about…

ASTI Dolce Docg, a wine

for rejoicing

Asti, the sweet aromatic spumante par excellence, is the pride of Italian winemaking and enology. A wine that, in addition to boasting characteristics that make it unique worldwide, also represents the soul, intelligence, creativity, birthplace and hopes of those who tend this land day after day.
A distinctive aroma and a balanced, natural sweetness, together with a moderate alcohol level, make it inimitable. Its bouquet is full and intense, with notes of acacia flowers, wisteria and orange blossom, wild mountain honey and spicy undertones reminiscent of elderberry, yarrow and bergamot flowers.
A sublime balance of freshness and sweetness combined with a moderate alcohol level, exalted by the foam formed by a fine and persistent perlage, which enlivens the wine, making it pleasantly drinkable. Truly a wine for rejoicing.
It took many years to achieve the perfection embodied by this wine today. Years of tradition, history, illuminated entrepreneurship, dedication and uninterrupted experimentation. A legacy of much more than taste, which the Consortium intends to safeguard in every way possible.


ASTI Dolce Docg is made from Moscato bianco grapes. The characteristics of this varietal are exalted by the climatic and geological characteristics of its production area: calcareous soil and a

microclimate typical of hilly regions. The precious aromatics produced by Moscato bianco grapes during the last few weeks prior to harvesting reach their peak

in the berries around the first days of September. In this period, harvesting begins, still strictly by hand,

in order to preserve the integrity of the grapes and extract their aromatic contents intact.


production techniques, enological know-how and grape quality form the triad that constitutes ASTI Dolce Docg.

Today, Asti Docg is produced through a combination of Piedmontese spumante-making traditions and the latest enological research.


After the grapes are picked, they are immediately sent to be pressed and transformed into must. The pressing is “soft”, and the must obtained is then

chilled and kept at a low temperature, to prevent the start of undesired fermentation. The wineries, equipped with the most up-to-date production technologies,

guarantee the fullest expression of the grapes’ potential


The next steps in the making of ASTI Dolce Docg involve the fermentation of the refrigerated must, which is warmed up to a temperature of about 20° C,

initiating alcoholic fermentation with selected yeasts. When the alcohol content reaches about 5.5%, the second fermentation occurs,

and the spumante is born.


After fermentation is halted through refrigeration and some finishing touches, the wine is bottled under totally sterile conditions.

ASTI Dolce Docg produced as described above retains all of the original characteristics of Moscato bianco grapes, with the additional exuberance and vivaciousness of a sweet, sparkling spumante.